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Parents should stop blaming themselves b...

Parents should stop blaming themselves because there' s not a lot they can do about it. I mean the teenager problem. Whatever you do or however you choose to deal with it, at certain times a wonderful, reasonable and helpful child will turn into a terrible animal.

I’ve seen friends deal with it in all kinds of different ways. One strict mother insisted that her son, right from a child, should stand up whenever anyone entered the room, open doors and shake hands like a gentleman. I saw him last week when I called round. Sprawling himself (懶散地躺) on the sofa in full length, he made no attempt to turn off the loud TV he was watching as I walked in, and his greeting was no more than a quick glance at me. His mother was ashamed. "I don' t know what to do with him these days," she said. "He' s forgotten all the manners we taught him.”

He hasn' t forgotten them. He' s just decided that he' s not going to use them. She confessed (坦白) that she would like to come up behind him and throw him down from the sofa onto the floor.

Another good friend of mine let her two daughters climb all over the furniture, reach across the table, stare at me and say, "I don' t like your dress; it' s ugly. " One of the daughters has recently been driven out of school. The other has left home.

"Where did we go wrong?" her parents are now very sad. Probably nowhere much. At least, no more than the rest of that unfortunate race, parents.

1.The boy on the sofa would most probably be described as _______

A. lazy??? B. quiet

C. unusual??? D. rude

2.From the second example we can infer that the parents of the two daughters ______

A. pay no attention to them??? B. are too busy to look after them

C. have come to hate them??? D. feel helpless to do much about them

3.What is the author' s opinion about the sudden change in teenage children?

A. Parents have no choice but to try to accept it.

B. Parents should be to blame for it.

C. Parents should work more closely with school teachers.

D. Parents are at fault for the change in their children.

4.This text is most probably written by _______

A. a specialist in teenager studies??? B. a headmaster of a middle school

C. a parent with teenage children??? D. a doctor for mental health problems


1.D 2.D 3.A 4.A 【解析】 本文是一篇關于青少年教育的說明文,在孩子的教育問題方面,父母親不應該責備自己,因為他們也沒有什么可以做的。 1.推理判斷題。根據文章第二段第四句Sprawling himself (懶散地躺) on the sofa in full length, he made no attempt to turn off the l...

It was Mother’s Day morning last year and I was doing my shopping at our local supermarket with my five-year-old son, Tenyson. As we were leaving, we found that only minutes earlier an elderly woman had fallen over at the entrance and had hit her head on the concrete. Her husband was with her, but there was blood everywhere and the woman was embarrassed and clearly in shock. Walking towards the scene, Tenyson became very upset about what had happened to the couple. He said to me, “Mum, it’s not much fun falling over in front of everyone.”

At the front of the supermarket a charity(慈善) group had set up a stand selling cooked sausages and flowers to raise funds. Tenyson suggested that we should buy the lady a flower. “It will make her feel better,” he said. I was amazed that he’d come up with such a sweet idea. So we went over to the flower seller and asked her if we could buy a flower for the lady to cheer her up. “Just take it,” she replied. “I can’t take your money for such a wonderful gesture.”

By now paramedics(救援人員)had arrived, and were attending the injured woman. As we walked up to her, my son became intimidated by all the blood and medical equipment. He said he was just too scared to go up to her.

Instead I gave the flower to the woman’s husband and told him, “ My son was very upset for your wife and wanted to give her this flower to make her feel better.”

At that, the old man started crying and said, “Thank you so much, you have a wonderful son. Happy Mother’s Day to you.” The man then bent down and gave his wife the flower, telling her who it was from. Though badly hurt and shaken, the old lady looked up at Tenyson with love in her eyes and gave him a little smile.

1.What does the author intend to tell us?

A. One can never be too careful.

B. Actions speak louder than words.

C. A small act of kindness brings a great joy.

D. Love begins with a little smile.

2.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The elderly woman was knocked down by Tenyson.

B. Tenyson’s idea of buying a flower gained his mother’s support.

C. Tenyson’s care for the elderly woman puzzled the flower seller.

D. The elderly woman was moved to tears by Tenyson’s gesture.

3.The underlined word “intimidated” in the third paragraph probably means “___________”.

A. frightened??? B. astonished

C. struck??? D. excited

4.What would be the best title for the passage?

A. Mother’s Day??? B. Flower Power

C. An Accidental Injury??? D. An Embarrassing Moment



Teen Art Show

Do you want to see your artwork displayed alongside other teens' artwork? Don't miss your opportunity! Showcase your paintings, sculptures, photographs and other artworks at the Environmental Educational Center. The show will provide an opportunity for artists to network, provide feedback and become a resource for others.

Location: Environmental Educational Center

Activity fee: $25

Night Fishing

Escape the night and join us as we fish at Desert Breeze Park. No experience needed. We will provide the fishing poles, transportation, the bait, help you catch a fish and best of all, teens 14 years and under do not require a license to fish.

Location: Desert Breeze Park

Activity fee: $22

Overnight Snow Trip

Join the City of Chandler in an exciting new trip! We will travel up to Camp Tontozona and  enjoy great food and a campfire in the early evening. Snow play will be the highlight as we explore the snow-filled meadows(草地) of Woods Canyon Lake and sled down small hills in the area. You will be responsible for your own ski/snowboard equipment.

Location: Camp Tontozona

Activity fee: $30


Come out and play paintball with all your friends! Join the City of Chandler as we go to Tempe Indoor Paintball. This is a great way to join in the fun of playing paintball for a low, low cost. All equipment is included. Please wear old clothes because clothes can get dirty easily!

Location: Tempe Paintball

Activity fee: $28

1.In which activity should people take their own ski equipment?

A. Overnight Snow Trip

B. Teen Art Show

C. Paintballing

D. Night Fishing

2.What can people do in Desert Breeze Park?

A. Meet with famous artists

B. Play with snow

C. Play paintball

D. Go fishing

3.What is special about Paintballing?

A. It costs the least

B. It might make your clothes dirty

C. People can play with friends

D. People will enjoy a campfire



假定你是李華,你的英國朋友Tom對中國古詩(Chinese poetry)很感興趣。他來信請教有關知識。請給他回信,內容包括:




注意:1. 詞數 100 左右;

2. 可以適當增加細節,以使行文連貫的;

3. 開頭語已為你寫好。

















John went shopping in a store, and he forgot to bring a bag. So he buys a shopping bag. After arriving home, it occurred him that he could make a bag by using his old trousers. Several hours earlier, he made himself a very nice bag. His mother was amazing at what he had done. Avoiding spending money unnecessarily is a way of saving. And making a good use of things is an approach to protect the environment. What's more, it is helpful for you to improve the ability to make things by hands. It not only brings us pleasure but reduce waste around us.



閱讀下面材料,用不多于 1 個單詞的正確形式填空

Night after night, she came to tuck me in(給蓋好被子), even long after my childhood years. 1. (follow) her longstanding custom, she’d lean down and push my long hair out of the way, then kiss my forehead.

I don’t remember 2. it first started annoying me — her hands pushing my hair that way. Finally, one night, I shouted out at her, “Don’t do that anymore —your hands are too rough!” She didn’t say 3. in reply. But never again 4. my mother close out my day 5. that familiar expression of her love.

Time after time, with the passing years, my 6. (think) returned to that night. By then I missed my mother’s hands, missed her goodnight kiss on my forehead.

Now those hands I once thought to be so rough were still doing things for me and my family. I frequently recalled the night my young voice complained. One night, catching Mom’s hand in hand, I blurted out how sorry I was for that night. I thought she’d remember, 7. I did. But Mom didn’t know what I 8. (talk) about. She had forgotten — and forgiven — long ago.

That night, I fell asleep with a new 9. (appreciate) for my gentle mother and her caring hands. And the guilt(內疚感)that I had carried around for so long was nowhere 10.(find) .



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